Environmentally Friendly Tree Services in Loganville, GA

Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Tree Services

At Lee Friend’s Tree Services we complete each job with you in mind! That’s why we’ve decided to pursue an environmentally friendly option as part of our tree services. All small debris produced on a daily basis is sent through our wood chipper and turned into chips, which we give away and deliver to our customers and our community. We have also created a partnership with a wood recycling company that specializes in turning wood debris into mulch.

All straight pieces of hardwood and pine are delivered to local mills which in turn make furniture, wood floors and many other wood products. All other hardwood is cut and split for firewood.

Tree Pests

Prevention of Pests

Any unattended deadwood or fallen trees on your property can lead to unwanted pests and insects, such as termites – which is why we take the time to clean up your yard and restore it to its original condition! All of the wood and debris that is collected goes into helping the community and keeping the existing environment beautiful.

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